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Gene was born and raised in Northern California and has been fishing since he was a toddler. He has spent most of his free time in the outdoors and in the back country enjoying some of the wild and scenic areas not seen by most people. His knowledge goes beyond fishing in most fields.

With regard to fishing, Gene enjoys seeing people's faces light up when they hook their first fish.

This keeps him going stronger and harder and raising the bar to catch fish. Gene has fished N. California rivers for 15 years before moving to Southern Oregon where he has resided for the past 22 years. Gene spends most of his time on the Rogue, Coquille, Coos, Chetco, Illinois and the Umpqua rivers persuing some of the largest, brightest, and freshest king salmon in Southern Oregon.

During the Winter months Gene can be found fishing for steelhead in some of the top rivers in the Northwest. Most of the Spring is spent on California's Klamath river running spinners or on Oregon's Rogue river spinning anchovies for monster King salmon. Time is also spent on the Umpqua river fishing for nice King salmon. Late Spring and early Summer Gene can be found on the lower Rogue river catching late springer salmon and early fall salmon trolling the Rogue estuary. In the Fall he turns his attention to fishing all estuaries in Southern Oregon. In the late Fall he concentrates on the Klamath river for an abundant amount for King salmon.

Gene spends time keeping updated with new fishing equipment and techniques that will help to adapt and catch fish. Gene works above and beyond to fish for his clients so they can go home with great memories and return year after year. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with his clients and teaching them techniques they can use in the future.


Gene's Report


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We are winding down the steelhead season and at the end of March we will solely concentrate on springer salmon on the lower Rogue River, lower Klamath River and occasionlly hit the Umpqua River.